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On social media, Holocaust distortion spreads like wildfire. You can be part of the solution. Join the #ProtectTheFacts campaign on social media and raise awareness of how to recognize and counter Holocaust distortion.

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Use your platform to show your support for the movement against Holocaust distortion and encourage your government to deal openly and accurately with the history of the Holocaust.

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The history of the Holocaust is complex. Holocaust deniers often focus on one unclear aspect of the Holocaust to ‘disprove’ the entire historical reality. Learn more and #ProtectTheFacts at
When there's uncertainty about the basic facts of history, we can’t engage with and learn from the past. That’s why it’s so important to #SayNoToDistortion and join the campaign to #ProtectTheFacts.
What’s wrong with yellow stars reading ‘unvaccinated’? Click here to learn why inappropriate comparisons to the Holocaust are damaging to historical truth: Spread the word to #ProtectTheFacts.